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This is because Heather Bury, the main instructor, has been accepted for a year-long Teacher Education Program completing in August 2018. Our apologies if your heart was set on Fall 2017's program.



Are you interested in healing bodywork training?

Clearheart Bodywork Massage Training Certificate Program in Nelson BC

Clearheart Bodywork offers conscious touch training, a multi-modality approach to hands-on bodywork, in Nelson, BC, Canada.


Please do contact us if are interested in future programs.



Are you starting out ‘in the field’ of complementary health?

Are you looking for more training, more skills/tools/tickets to bolster your established practice?

Do you want to gain a competitive edge for marketing your skills to an employer?

Are you looking for a career change to learn a healing modality that gives you a hands on expression to care for and to help others?

Have you ever wanted to start a private practice you can run from your home?

Expand your mind/body experience in life-enhancing conscious touch bodywork training!


What is Clearheart Bodywork training?

What is Clearheart Bodywork training?At Clearheart Bodywork our training is based on an understanding of human anatomy and Traditional Chinese Medicine energy pathways and points, blended with effective joint release moves and deep tissue massage.  

We are a unique education opportunity for alternative medicine practitioners who wish to learn about energy meridians and five element Oriental medicine theories.

Our training programs offer affordable educational opportunities for massage practitioners, touch therapists, caregivers, and people seeking to learn about complimentary health medicine and to upgrade healing skills.


What’s different about the training?

What's different about conscious touch training?Our mission is to offer high quality conscious touch training programs.

Our training programs take place in a supportive learning environment where we foster the body's integrity and work with our students to bring forth its inherent knowledge and wisdom.

Our training style is diverse and flexible to meet the needs of students with different learning styles. 

We also offer practice in Continuum, a sound and movement meditation, which helps integrate course material.

To create a sound foundation from which to serve others, we emphasize cultivating resources for ones own nourishment and wellbeing. 

We use sound, breath, gentle movement and body awareness meditations to explore and integrate course material, and to deepen the learning experience and our sense of alive presence.


Is the training certified?

Is Clearheart Bodywork training certified?We offer two levels of bodywork training. Our certificate program is an in-depth study for those entering the field of complementary health, and it will enhance the training and supplement the existing skills of those already practicing alternative medicine. Registered Massage Therapists are invited to earn 24 continuing education credits in our certificate program.

We also offer non- certified evening classes for those who wish to explore a healing modality using their hands and giving them an expression to care for and to help others.

These classes are excellent opportunities to learn basic human anatomy (what actually lies beneath our skin), the concepts that form the foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and soothing, effective, hands-on massage techniques.


What does the training involve?

What does Clearheart Bodywork training involve?Instruction in and experiential learning of Human Anatomy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Bodywork, and Body Awareness (through sound & movement practices) weave through each week.  Meditation and review will enhance integration.

Small class size (maximum 14 students) and abundant one-on-one instruction ensure quality learning.

Training takes place in Nelson BC, located in the heart of the Kootenays.

Successful completion requires attendance, participation, demonstrating an appropriate level of understanding and practical skill, emotional maturity and professionalism.

There are quizzes and opportunities for constructive feedback but no formal examinations. There are supervised clinic days and five 2-session case studies as part of the program.

Graduates will have a solid foundation in all components of this conscious touch training and will emerge from our training program with practical wellness tools to share with others.


Clearheart Bodywork Instructors

Clearheart Bodywork instructorsHeather Bury, Certified Rebalancer, former Dr. of Traditional Chinese Medicine & founder of Clearheart Bodywork

Robyn Irwin, Certified Rebalancer, Clearheart Bodyworker, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, and Continuum Teacher

Together they work to inspire and encourage participants in their process of understanding, body awareness, and skill development.


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